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Orion & Wellbility

Wellbility on Orion OPTR

Slowing the Spread of COVID-19

To continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the Wellbility app is now available for use with Orion Entrance Control, Inc.’s Pre-Entry Temperature Reader (OPTR), a contactless temperature reader used in all industry sectors to help make businesses, schools and other workplaces safer.
OPTR provides safe, accurate temperature screening for hundreds of people an hour. Wellbility saves temperature data on each individual user’s smartphone and shares the data with the institutional administrator only to aid in the early detection of COVID-19 symptoms, while keeping user information private and secure.

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 Shorten the Queue with the Wellbility Pass

Anyone who enters their symptoms in the app before temperature screening can receive a Quick Response (QR) Code that will grant them immediate area access if their symptoms, including temperature, fall below thresholds set by their organization. Similarly, access is denied for symptoms that do not meet pre-set criteria.
 Both products can be used together or independently. Wellbility's symptom assessment tool allows users to check their own symptoms whenever they want and manually add temperature readings. Wellbility prompts users to take appropriate clinical steps when necessary.  This can be invaluable to track symptoms during non-work hours.

Wellbility Admin Dashboard
Wellbility User Details in Dashboard

 Wellbility’s Advanced Security

Wellbility features include end-to-end encryption with rotating encryption keys, a regulatory-compliant infrastructure and HIPAA-grade security.

Wellbility’s Advanced Usability

Available on iOS, Android and through the Internet (web based), Wellbility empowers administrators with features including contact tracing, quick access to user health data and a view of at-risk users, as well as the ability to track symptom trends. The informative and dynamic dashboard gives key details of the population’s health status and also allows for actions such as creating "events" like mass testing and customizing criteria to restrict building access.

Wellbility Pass
Wellbility Notifications
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