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Contact Tracing

Why is contact tracing important?

Wellbility contact tracing enables administrators of an organization and public health authorities to connect with close contacts of individuals who have been exposed to a COVID-19 infected individual and isolate them. Contact tracing may help break the chain of COVID-19 transmission. Contact tracing is essential to identifying exposed individuals and mitigating infection spread because many people will only experience minor symptoms

Symptom App

Why are daily symptom assessments important?

Identifying individuals who have symptoms can greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19. Wellbility's symptom assessment tool serves as an early intervention measure for organizations. Finally, many states, cities, and counties require daily symptom assessments.

Purchase Wellbility

How can I purchase Wellbility?

Your organization can purchase Wellbility service plans. We offer month-to-month billing options. Contact us at for a demo or quote today.

Data Protection

Who has access to user data?

Wellbility organizations must receive affirmative consent from all users before we facilitate any data collection. Organizations can select people inside the organization to monitor symptom results and other user data points. Organizations can set permission levels to restrict access to sensitive user data.

Privacy Policy

What is your data storage policy?

To comply with various regulations we allow organizations to export data to retained for regulatory purposes. However, all identifiable data is deleted after clinical relevance time has passed. Wellbility will then only display unidentified data to organizational admins for time periods beyond clinical relevance. We have taken this approach to balance user privacy and clinical efficacy. Our health data storage policy changes depending on the latest research.

Download Wellbility

How can my organization use Wellbility?

Wellbility is available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and on a browser. Users are able to access most software capabilities via the browser-based Wellbility. Additionally, Admins of an organization can access dashboard capabilities from the browser. 

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