Our Story

Wellbility offers innovative and accessible healthcare solutions to create healthier, happier communities. Guided by clinicians and backed by medical evidence, Wellbility's methods make achieving wellness easier.

Wellbility puts the power of health and wellness in your hands with transparent access to healthcare information, products, providers and solutions. We help people take charge of their healthcare.




  • Privacy and security for all customers

  • Reliable and professional support

  • Driven by the latest medical evidence

  • Accessible options

  • Committed to our communities


Wellbility integrates the necessary clinical healthcare services based on medical science, including on-site COVID-19 testing, antibody testing, temperature screening, user-generated symptom assessments, telemedicine support, custom development of business policies and procedures, and education and training. 


Our Team

James Keady

President, Founder

Kristen Trimble

Clinical Director


Jeff Mitchell

Sales Specialist

Andrew Keady

MBA, JD Candidate
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Gelnaw

Chief Financial Officer

Anas Rihawi

MD, MPH Candidate 

Contact Tracing & Data Collection Lead

Tyler Shields

Chief Relationship Officer


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Wellbility is owned and operated by On-site Medical Services LLC.

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