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Wellbility Data Security


  • End-to-end encryption

  • Rotating encryption keys

  • Regulatory compliant infrastructure 

  • Role & privileges module in Admin Dashboard

  • Admin logs of all actions within the Admin Dashboard

  • Encryption at rest

  • Deidentification of aged data

  • Separate keys used for each client

  • HIPAA-Grade Security

  • Data Protection Officer Role Requirement

  • Ability to conduct user audits on Admin dashboard

User convenience

  • SSO capabilities with G-Suite & Microsoft

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web-based

  • Daily reminders to take self-assessment

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Enaging interface

Wellbility SSO
COVID-19 Wellbility

Core functionality

  • Timed algorithmic self-assessment which adapts to user input

  • The ability for users to schedule testing appointments from the software

  • Exportability of data to healthcare providers or public health department 

  • Automated contact tracing

  • Augmented contact tracing capabilities

  • Ability to self-report test results

  • Card access using Wellbility Pass

  • User prompts on the next clinical steps to take

  • Integration with BetterHelp, HealthTap, and temperature reading kiosks


  • Track symptom trends

  • Quick access to the user-health status including last recorded temperature

  • View at-risk users

  • Create "events" for use for mass testing

  • Create and send custom notifications to users

  • Separate users into groups

  • Customize Wellbility Pass criteria to restrict building access

  • The ability for clinical directors and laboratory staff to upload test results

  • Regulatory compliant health data export analytics of users

  • Reporting capabilities

  • Direct user intervention using custom push notification and emails

Wellbility Dashboard
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