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States are re-opening very quickly. Experts assert that the only way to successfully reopen the economy is with effective contact tracing. COVID-19 presents a risk....a growing risk.


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Stop the spread of COVID-19

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Contact Tracing

We offer an app-based solution to the complex challenge of contact tracing. Offer your employees a sleek and modern approach to workplace safety.

Symptom Checker

Our application has a built-in symptom checker that anyone can use by simply downloading our app. Every day, a report of potential symptoms of COVID-19 is updated. Wellbility also generates prompts on the next action to take when symptoms are present.


Wellbility is integrated with telehealth providers, thermosensors, and laboratories to ensure the highest medical efficacy.

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Utilizing Low Energy Bluetooth technology, our contact-tracing application only alerts individuals who came within 6 feet of an infected individual.


Our contact tracing solution preserves corporate and institutional privacy. Our clients have complete control over how their data is used.


We tailor our software solutions to our clients. We create an application that meets the needs of our clients.


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