Wellbility Symptom Tracking
Augmented Contact Tracing
Daily Symptom Assessment
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Comprehensive Contact Tracing

A user log capable to ensure no interaction is missed:
when an employee isn’t carrying their phone, they can manually enter an interaction.  Supplements the automated contact tracing to create a more complete list. 

Daily Symptom Assessment

An incorporated daily self-assessment tool to aid with early intervention. Intuitive prompts on the next action to take when symptoms are present.


Integrated with telehealth providers, thermosensors, and laboratories to ensure the highest medical efficacy.

Features List

Guided by clinicians and backed by medical evidence, Wellbility's methods make achieving wellness easier.

symptom tracking app
Public health reporting app

Wellbility Dashboard

Providing everything you need to know about contact tracing, symptom results, and test results in one place. 


Feel safe and secure with bank-grade encryption, permission roles, SSO,  HIPAA-grade security, and data retention policies. Your data is protected with regulatory-compliant protection. You have complete control over data.

Data Export

Users can export contact tracing data, self-assessment data, and test results, all with the tap of a button. Be able to act decisively and collaborate with public health authorities with export data.


Created by brilliant minds from:

Saint Louis University
John Hopkins University
Vanderbilt University